Selecting the Best Remediation Option for CPVC Piping Systems

This paper was presented at the Plastic Pipe Division of the Society of Plastic Engineers ANTEC Conference in 2016. The paper presents case studies on different remediation options for CPVC piping systems which failed due to different causes.

Why Do CPVC Pipes Occasionally Fail?

This article summarizes the common causes of failure of CPVC pipes and fittings including: manufacturing defects, installation defects, exposure to incompatible chemicals, and thermal oxidative degradation by constant exposure to hot chlorinated water.

Preliminary Chemical Compatibility Testing of CPVC Antifreeze

This paper describes a CPVC piping chemical compatibility test developed by Plastic Failure Labs. The test has the advantage of low cost and is run on actual pipe samples.


When CPVC Pipes and Fittings Fail in Hydronic Piping Systems

This paper was published in Plastic Engineering Journal in 2012. The paper discusses the failure of CPVC piping systems used in hydronic heating/cooling systems when there is a leak in a heat exchanger allowing refrigerant compressor oil to contaminate the CPVC piping system.

Do Cement Drips Cause CPVC to Fail?

This paper discusses the issue of cement drips and their effect on the integrity of the CPVC piping system. Cement drips by themselves do not cause CPVC to fail. However, as cement drips dry they shrink causing stress on the pipe. The drips are also porous and absorb trace incompatible chemicals present in the water. The combination of the added stress and the concentration of trace chemicals in the cement, can facilitate failure by environmental stress cracking (ESC).

Failure of PEX Pipe

PEX piping is preferred by plumbers for potable water in new home construction due to its ease
of installation. PEX is a highly ductile material and the piping is ductile/flexible so that it can be
installed with gradual radius/bend. However, all polyolefin materials, including PEX, are
susceptible to oxidative degradation and therefore PEX must be chemically stabilized in order
for it to remain ductile for several decades of use.


Failure Analysis of Buried PVC Pipe

Poly(vinylchloride) (PVC) piping is the highest volume of all plastic piping products. Rigid PVC pipes are highly ductile when properly manufactured. Their long term service life of PVC pipe has been determined to be >50 years. However, there are occasional brittle failure of PVC pipes and fittings.


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Fire Sprinkler & Potable Water Systems
Brittle PVC and CPVC Piping

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