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What is PVC?

PVC is a thermoplastic that comes in two basic forms: soft & rigid. PVC is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer.

How is PVC used?

The rigid form of PVC is used in construction applications for pipe and in profile applications such as doors and windows.


Why is PVC problematic?

Though advertised as lasting 50+ years, PVC often fails due to a number of factors: improper installation and defective manufacturing.

Most Common PVC Pipe Failures

Defective Manufacturing

Defective manufacturing high residual stress in pipe often results in what is called a 'creep rupture'. This type of rupture is one of the leading causes of PVC pipe failure due to defective manufacturing.

Improper INstallation

A lack of skilled installation can lead to a pipe condition called 'over-belling' wherein the pipe receiving the adjoining pipe is not properly sized or fitted. This misfitting leads to an accelerated pipe failure. 


Whatever the cause of the failure, our PVC pipe experts get to the bottom of the problem. We perform forensic analysis on broken PVC pipes to determine if the failure was caused by installation defects or manufacturing defects.


Want to know if a product is compatible with PVC pipe? We offer a number of A2LA certified tests including ASTM D543.


We offer on-site, non-destructive inspections of PVC piping systems then create customized remediation plans.