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CPVC piping is not chemically compatible with many chemicals, especially esters and amines. CPVC pipe failure, CPVC joint failure, CPVC pipe leaks, CPVC pipe defects, and CPVC joint failures can result simply by exposure of the piping to many different types of common products including hand lotion, fire caulk, electrical wire, computer network cables, solder flux, spray foam insulation, impure glycerin antifreeze, and pipe thread sealant paste. Certain steel pipes connected to the CPVC can also contaminate the CPVC with incompatible chemicals. We are CPVC pipe experts and CPVC fire sprinkler experts including CPVC remediation and issues involving CPVC contamination and CPVC antifreeze contamination issues. We were the first to determine that Allied ABF steel pipe is incompatible with CPVC. We do CPVC pipe inspection, CPVC pipe analysis, and CPVC chemical compatibility testing. 



PVC failures and PVC pipe leaks occur for a number of reasons but most often the root cause of PVC pipe failures are PVC pipe defects and PVC installation defects. We do PVC pipe inspection and PVC pipe inspection. Whether you use PVC piping for potable water service, for hydronic cooling, for drains, or for sewer service, our PVC pipe experts and PVC pipe consultants can determine the root cause of PVC pipe failure. Our PVC pipe testing will determine if the pipe was defectively manufactured and whether the PVC C-900 pipe complies with ASTM and AWWA standards. We perform ASTM D2152 and ISO18373 testing to determine if the pipe was manufactured properly to withstand high pressure.


We are plastic pipe experts on all types of plastic pipe failures. including CPVC, PVC, and PEX. If you have a plastic pipe leak involving a plastic pipe defect, we can help. We do plastic pipe analysis and plastic pipe inspection. PEX piping can fail due defective manufacture or defective installation including inadequate minimum bend radii and pipe kinking. Extreme bends cause stress on piping and oxidative degradation. PEX failure, PEX pipe failures and PEX pipe leaks cause millions of dollars of property damage every year. The PEX piping shown in the above photograph was removed from homes in a subdivision. All of the PEX piping was replaced because of defective PEX. We are PEX experts and PEX consultants.

Chemical Compatibility Testing

Want to know if a product is compatible with CPVC, PVC, or PEX pipes? We offer a number of A2LA certified tests including ASTM D543.

Remediation Consulting

We offer on-site, non-destructive inspections of piping systems then create customized remediation plans.


When I have a problem with plastic plumbing, I know who to call to get the cause of the problem diagnosed and remediated. Plastic Failure Labs’ Engineers are efficient and they know what they are doing.
— Boy van Riel, Hotel Management
My client is a manufacturer of high quality plastic plumbing products being sued for defective products. Plastic Failure Labs determined that the failures were caused by defective installation and had nothing to do with manufacturing defects. Their expert report was professional and extremely compelling resulting in a favorable settlement for my client.
— Colin Piercey, Product Defense Attorney
One of my clients is a group of home owners in a high rise condominium. Plastic Failure Labs inspected the fire sprinkler system in the building and quickly and efficiently determined what was causing the failures and recommended the best way to remediate the problem. My clients are sleeping much better now.“
— Michael A. Hearn, Construction Defect Attorney