Will Allied ABF Cause My CPVC FIre Sprinkler Pipes to Fail?

About 15 years ago Allied Tube & Conduit began applying an antimicrobial lining (ABF) on the inside of their steel pipe for use in fire sprinkler systems. A few years later they changed the chemical formulation of the lining making it more water soluble so that the chemicals in the lining flush into the CPVC piping system. Unfortunately the chemicals in the lining are not fully compatible with CPVC. Because cement residues are more absorbent than pipes and fittings,, the ABF chemicals can absorb into cement residues and into highly stressed areas inside the CPVC portion of the piping system and cause failure, If you have had leaks in the CPVC portion of your fire sprinkler system, we can determine if Allied ABF caused the leaks. If you have Allied ABF steel pipe connected to the CPVC and are concerned about possible failures in the future, we can evaluate your CPVC piping and determine if you are at risk. We can non-destructively perform and endoscopy of the CPVC portion of your piping system and let you know if there is any evidence of chemical degradation of the pipes or fittings. The image shown above is an endoscope image showing ABF chemical attack of a CPVC fitting.