How Can I Determine if I have Allied ABF Pipe in My Sprinkler System?

Most condominiums use steel pipe in the risers running up the stair wells and frequently down the corridors. Transition to CPVC most frequently occurs in the corridor and the piping is all CPVC inside the apartments. Generally the steel pipe running up the stair wells is painted so you cannot identify the pipe. However, by accessing the ceiling above corridors you should be able to read the print line on the steel pipe. If the words "Allied ABF" appears in the print line on the pipe, you may be at risk.  If your building was constructed before 2005 and the print line on the pipe indicates that it is Allied ABF, the ABF pipe will be likely be compatible with CPVC. If however, your building was built between 2006 and 2010, the Allied ABF pipe will be lined with the new formulation which is not compatible with CPVC. If you are concerned whether your building is at risk, contact us. We will send an Engineer to non-destructively examine your piping system to determine if the CPVC has been attacked by the Allied ABF chemicals.